Workshop with Sarah Mather Saturday 9th September from 1-4pm

Sara Mather trained at Rambert. She is a founding member of UK based 3rd Stage Dance Company.

The workshop will comprise of a Graham inspired contemporary technique class followed by a creative task based on the musical compositional technique of cryptogram. Sara will then teach a section from the solo work created on her by Galway’s Judith Sibley. The work includes movement developed around the method of cryptogram, a technique established by J S Bach, and explores particular aspects of the life of musical pioneer and lifelong Bach devotee Glenn Gould.
Whilst the work was created with the specific remit of creating on a dancer over the age of 40 the workshop is open to all dancers aged 16+.

please email to reserve a space. Cost of the workshop is €15/€10 and it takes place in St Nicholas’ School, Waterside in Galway