International Contemplative Dance Practice Day-Tuesday March 13th

Facilitated by Bernadette Divilly


Times: 2pm – 5pm and

6pm to 9pm

Galway City West End

Booking or with Galway Dance Project


Tuesday March 13th 2018 Barbara Dilley’s 80th!


Not too much expectation of anything. Not trying to change anything. Being here with others, others who do this. It’s a worthy discipline. ~ Barbara Dilley,  This Very Moment.


Contemplative Dance Practice is designed to hold and evolve personal and group awareness of body/mind. We create time and space to explore and integrate what we already know. ~Barbara Dilley

First offered in 1980 by Barbara Dilley, Contemplative Dance is now practiced in its original and adapted forms all over the world. CDP brings together the discipline of sitting meditation with free movement investigations and the practice of improvisation. It is an opportunity to integrate outer and inner worlds, alone and together.

The three-hour practice begins with sitting meditation followed by personal awareness practice and then the group practice called “Open Space” occurs, where Deep Play unfolds! The session concludes with a closing circle for discussion and observations.