Niall O Floinn

IMG_20111021_02015 (2)Niall O Floinn is a movement coach with extensive dance experience and a high level of Tai Chi expertise. He teaches Argentinian Tango and runs Ireland’s largest Tai Chi Association .

His dance experience began at 10 years old in the Gable Youth Theatre school of dance and drama and showing an innate ability for creativity and understanding of movement at age 12, he helped choreograph the dance scenes for the production “Grease” with his mentor. From age 19, he studied shamanic dance and music and took part in many ceremonial and social dance events with indigenous native peoples in North and South America. He studied West African dance, drumming, and it’s relationship to community, nature and religion in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

In Cuba, he studied rumba percussion and salsa dance. In Argentina, he studied Tango and has performed in Ireland and Argentina.

He has traveled extensively teaching Tai Chi and always explores new dance forms in countries he visits such as India and Brazil etc. He has experience teaching and performing west African drumming and African Dance, Salsa, Argentinian Tango and Tai Chi. He has produced a number of Tai Chi DVDs, music CDs, martial arts documentary and dance documentary “Galway Bailando” where he voluntarily managed 140 artists and helpers involved in the production to help showcase dance in Galway City.

On an international front, he led the first ever Irish team to win medals in the Tai Chi World Championships in China. He coached the first ever Irish woman to win bronze in the world championships. He is director of studies of the Galway Tai Chi Academy which has an international reputation with students traveling from as far as Spain, Turkey, Poland and Brazil to study how to become Tai Chi teachers under his guidance.

He is a senior student of Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun, 12th generation lineage holder of Chen style Tai Chi and coach of the most national champions of China.
Niall’s passion for movement and spirited intensity to explore the unknown and energy within illuminates his teaching, promotion of the arts and performances.

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