Galway Belly Dance

galway belly dance
Galway Bellydance is a dance company run by Lisa Collins. It was established in 2001 and offers weekly Egyptian Dance Classes in Galway City.

The Egyptian Dance Classes include teaching beginners, improver and intermediate students. There are on-going weekly classes every Wednesday evening.

Lisa Collins first started Belly Dancing in 1999 after being involved in a car crash as it was recommended to help strengthen her back.

She quickly became hooked and wanted to learn as much as she could about this dance form.

Her formal dance training before bellydancing was in Disco, in which she won several awards including representing Galway in the Malibu Ireland Disco Dancing Championships.

In 2002 Lisa started to teach Basic Bellydance for Beginners while continuing her own training. In 2005 Lisa applied and auditioned for the JWAAD Teacher Training Diploma, London and was lucky enough to be one of the 12 students accepted.

This was a 2 year intensive Egyptian Dance course which she has now completed. The course has helped developed her own dance and deepened her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Egyptian Dance. She trained in teaching techniques, anatomy and safe warm ups. Interpretation of Arabic Music, History and Culture and advancing her personal dance level.

Lisa travels several time a year to England to Festivals and Workshops to take classes with famous teachers and dancers such as Prof. Hassan Khalil, Yasmina of Cairo, Randa Kamil, Rakkia Hassan and many top teacher from the UK, Germany and France. She have also traveled to both Turkey and Egypt to take lessons.

She currently teach Beginners, Improver and Intermediate Bellydance Classes, Classical, Baladi, Folk and Saidi styles. The students learn to use veils, zills and sticks. They are taught choreography music interpretation and how to identify the different styles.

Galway Belly Dance


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