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Galway City CougarsAt Cougars, we believe that you need to be able to understand what you’re athletes are feeling which is why we all still perform on teams within the club at various levels in Cheer or Trampoline. Here, you can meet the coaches!
At Cougars, you can be sure, we put your child’s best interest before anything else. Your child will never be pushed beyond their limit, but we will push their limits! We encourage feedback from parents as this is how we learn. Feel free to come talk to your child’s coach at the end of class.
Cougars was established as a class in 2010 at the Stuntworx Elite gymnastics club in Ballybane, and soon became a club all on its own. Cougars now operates as part of the Stuntworx Elite brand.

Cheerleading in Ireland has never been as popular as it is in other countries throughout the world. Cheerleading in the USA is an institution and the infatuation has moved steadily throughout the world. With Cheerleading competitions in Japan, Canda and the UK going from strength to strength, it is a wonder that Ireland hasn’t caught on sooner. In the last number of years, Cheerleading in Ireland has begun to experience a growth period. The Irish Cheer Sport Association is responsible for the growth and handling of Cheerleading in Ireland. To ensure the growth of the sport, the ICSA have formed an affiliation with the British Cheerleading Association. Cougars Head Coach Hilton is currently Co-Director of the Irish Cheer Sport Association.

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