Moongate Dance Theatre

Moongate DanceMoongate Dance Theatre is a youth dance company ranging in age from 15 years old to 26 years old. The basis of our company is dance, however as part of our performance ethos we include other performance genre such as, aerial skills, acrobatics, mime and song. The dance company was formed in the latter part of 2009 and is an opportunity for talented young performers who are serious about their art. While we do perform live we also specialise in the art of dance on film and to date have made 4 dance films.


Cherie is the founder of Moongate Dance Theatre and has  a Masters in Degree in Dance at Limerick University. Moongate Dance Theatre features in the brochure for Bedford Interactive, a company run by Dr. Jacqueline Smith-Autard one of the leading dance educators in the world. Please see the front page of our website. She has more than 25 years experience as a director/ choreographer in many different fields. Cherie is an independant teacher registered as a professional member of Dance Ireland, a member of the Australian and Irish Gymnastics Associations and is qualified and had a proven track record to train to elite level. She has worked with Government Bodies in Australia and Ireland, corporate bodies, private enterprise, community groups and schools. Founder of “State of the Art” Dance Company, a youth dance company who performed in many different events, including a car launch for Mitusbishi and the launch of a major newspaper in the Adelaide Festival Centre. She was the choreographer for the Renmore Pantomime from 2004-2009, and a contributor to the Dancer in Residence Programme in 2007. The dance progam will be offer a variety of dance genre and will also include new and exciting methods of teaching using some of the latest techniques in dance technology and recources. Her research is an investigation into the link between higher order thinking and teaching creative dance. This research is the accumulation of years of teaching practice and the positve impact that the arts can have on the development of children, offering a unique learning experience that can recognise and develop different intelligences. These concepts that explore the nature of creativity, have been successfully intergated into a unique program,that accumulates into an annual production in San Phrionsias National School. The program is designed to develop artistic and aesthetic awareness in the students through the arts. I am currently seeking to expand the importance and penetration of dance in Ireland with an innovative synthesis of unique technical and artisitc skills, through collaboration with other like minded artists.

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