Trading Faces Stage School


From Claire Power, Artistic Director:

“The aim of ‘Trading Faces’ is to introduce and nurture new and up coming students to the world of Performing Arts. Central to my philosophy for each course is the notion that personal development, self-confidence, and communication skills, will emerge strengthened for each participant.

We all have hidden talents and at ‘Trading Faces’ we help students to fulfil them.

As a qualified Drama teacher, working in this field for nineteen years, I realise how important it is, that a student feels there is a place where he/she can develop at their own speed, encouraged and inspired by their peers.

‘Trading Faces’ is also about making new friends in a safe and fun environment.

 Emphasis is placed on building a positive environment within which the performers feel safe and completely accepted, and at this point creativity can begin.

 I don’t audition new comers. What ‘Trading Faces’ looks for in it’s performers – is an honest enthusiasm for both the work and the fellow performers within the workshop. Everything else can be nurtured. Young performers from 5 to 18 years choose to share their free time together, forming lasting friendships with people of like minds”.

At Trading Faces children are introduced to the following aspects of dance;

  • Hip Hop
  • Modern dance
  • Creative movement
  • Rhythm and space
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Stage combat
  • Performance in local theatre

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