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Galway Dance Project is an artist-led, non-profit dance organisation established in 2011 in Galway. The Project aims to provide high quality dance classes and workshops, as well as choreographic and performance opportunities, for dancers in Galway city and county.
Galway Dance Project delivers supports and resources to the dance sector and promotes the development of dance, as well as aiming to advance dance as a prominent and valued art form in the region.
Jill Murray

Jill Murray

General Manager (part-time position)

Jill is a Galway based arts manager and producer. As well as managing the Galway Dance Project, she works as programme manager at Valium Online Sweden and is company producer with Buy Diazepam Online With Mastercard.

Hazel Hodgins

Artistic Programme Consultant (part-time position)

azel completed her BA Voice and Dance with First Class Honours in the University of Limerick in 2013, with a focus on dance for older people. Following that, she completed her MA in Festive Arts also at UL, graduating with First Class Honours with a focus on performance and the stage in the digital realm. She has had a wide range of professional experience to date which has provided a broad base of skills to draw from across private and public sectors, but most relevant for her role with GDP will be her  years as Programme Manager with Dance Ireland, and experience as an elected member to the board of the European Dancehouse Network. Hazel has been living and working in Galway for four years and is looking forward to working more in depth and strategically with the dance community in the county and wider Western region.

Sinead McPhillips

Appointed 16/03/2012, elected Chairperson June 2017

Sinead McPhillips

Board Member (Chair)

Sinead McPhillips is an Arts Marketing and Communications Professional with over fifteen years’ experience working with some of Ireland’s flagship arts organisations including Landmark Productions, Druid, Baboró and Galway International Arts Festival.

Sinead has extensive experience working in theatre and is an enthusiastic attendee of dance performances. Sinead is also a board member of Macnas, the award-winning theatre, spectacle and professional company based in Galway.

Appointed 18/01/2019

Michelle Cahill

Board Member (Company Secretary)

Michelle Cahill is a Producer and Performer originally from Co. Galway, now based in Dublin.

She studied dance-theatre and performance in Yorkshire, London and Limerick and has over 20 years’ experience in performance, dance education and devising and facilitating dance participation programmes with local authorities and national agencies across the country. In recent years she has forged a career as a Producer.

She works with independent dance and theatre artists presenting work at some of Ireland’s major theatres and arts festivals. Since 2012, she has been the programme coordinator at Shawbrook, a dedicated dance centre in the Irish Midlands. Michelle also served on the board of Dance Ireland from 2013-2017.

Jennifer Ahern

Board Member (Treasurer)


Originally from Limerick, Jennifer Ahern moved to Galway in 2005 and quickly fell in love with its bustling arts scene.
Since 2012, Jennifer has worked with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to children and families. In her role as Producer she is responsible for festival planning and production, managing the company’s operations and resources, and financial administration.
Jennifer is a committee member of TYAI (Theatre for Young Audiences Ireland) and a board member of Galway Theatre Festival. She is passionate about access to the arts for young people, increasing the provision of professional development for artists, and introducing more children and families to dance.

Appointed 11/03/2020

Evelyn Cormican

Board Member

Evelyn Cormican is a Trainer, Speaker and high-performance coach who loves helping people that struggle to reach new levels of success.  Evelyn has delivered training projects for government agencies, European projects and private companies.  Evelyn specialises in Business and Career development working with groups and individuals over 13 years in addition to 15 years experience in
supply chain management.
Evelyn has been involved and held a number of roles in voluntary and community focused organisations, including President of JCI Galway and member of the JCI National Executive Committee; Member of the Galway Executive Skillnet Steering Group.

Appointed 9/12/2020

Jérémie Cyr-Cooke

Board Member

Jérémie is a physical performer, actor, theatremaker, choreographer and movement director based in Galway since 2015.

He studied Acting For the Stage in the three-year conservatory programme at the Ottawa Theatre School (Canada), and completed his MA Theatre Practice, researching physical theatre in text-based solo performance. He is currently a Hardiman Scholar and PhD candidate, undergoing a practice-as-research in physical theatre as a methodology of adaptation at NUI Galway.

Since 2015, Jérémie has worked with numerous performance companies in Galway, and also works as Artistic Director of Cuisle Productions, producing and devising his own work at various venues and festivals in the West of Ireland. He is passionate about bridging the gap between theatre, dance, and body-centric practices and traditions.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Lisa Hallinan who was the inaugural General Manager of Galway Dance Project from 2012 until May 2017.

Special thanks also to Ríonach Ní Néill and Judith Sibley for their invaluable support and expertise in establishing Galway Dance Project.

Thanks also to Board Members Eamon Brett and Hillary Kavanagh, who both stepped down from the board in 2020


The original Founding Members of Galway Dance Project were Eamon Brett, Bernadette Divilly, Lisa Hallinan, Tanya McCrory, Victoria McCormack, Rachel Parry and Genevieve Ryan.

Current members (as of January 2019) are Eamon Brett, Bernadette Divilly, Lisa Hallinan, Rachel Parry and Genevieve Ryan.